Monday, July 21, 2014

Quilting lessons I learned from the Raspberry patch

This week my black raspberries were ready for picking.  I had planted these bushes three years ago and was excited to get a few berries last year.  This year my bushes were loaded!  As I picked the berries, I noticed that if I looked into the bushes at different angles, I saw berries that I would have missed, had I only stood and picked, never bending over or squatting down.

This got me thinking about quilting and how fabrics look different depending on how you view them.  I miss so much if I don't take the time to lay out my fabric choices and spend time looking at them from all angles and in different lighting.

After my berries were put up into jam, I sat down to work on a quilt I had just started.  Thinking I knew how the block went together, I skipped the step of laying the pieces out ahead of time.  When I went to lay the completed blocks out on the floor, I realized I had sewed the background strips onto the wrong sides of the star block.  

Just like looking at fabrics and berry bushes from different angles is important, so is the step of  laying out the block before sewing.  I would have saved myself an hours worth of unsewing with that simple step!

The correct block is on the left, can you see the mistake?

Life Lesson:  Problems in our life can also be solved by looking at them from different angles and perspectives.  Asking friends for their perspective can also be beneficial.

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