Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Seam Rippers . . . Friend or Foe?

Tools of the trade...all quilters have them, right? They are so fun to have and hold, well most of them are.  See that evil little white tool in the middle?  Why would anyone in their right mind want one of those in their Christmas stocking?

For ten years I was a self taught quilter.  My husband gave me the gift of an afternoon away from my three preschool aged children, and I used that afternoon to take my first class on quilting.  When the class began the first words I heard from the teacher were, "Let the seam ripper become your friend."  Believe me, like most people I've encountered, friend is not the word I associate with a seam ripper.  I spent most of my life trying to avoid the seam ripper, generally with ever worsening results where my quilt creation was concerned.  I was beginning to wonder if I had spent my money wisely on this class.  Was the teacher out of her mind?

That single sentence, however, has become the best advice I've been given on my journey.  When you decide to allow the seam ripper to be a friend the accumulative mistakes, which cause distorted blocks and borders, disappear!

I have to admit that I still get disgusted with myself when I realize I need to rip a seam out.  But now I just shake my head, pick up my well worn ripper, turn up the volume on my CD player, and gently pick out the offending stitches.

If I hadn't made friends with my seam ripper, the following quilt would have most likely have ended up as a UFO!  I'm glad I turned up the CD player and picked away.
Stars from the Past, a wedding quilt for my sister

Life Lesson:  Just like sewing, in our personal life we sometimes need to get out the "seam ripper" and remove things like bad habits or caustic relationships.  It is never fun, but the end result is always beautiful.

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