Monday, August 18, 2014

Will's Song

Will's Song 
      Born William Jantzi, he went by many names over his lifetime:  son, nephew, grandson, brother, Will, Pop, Grandpa Will, Old Grandpa (to the great grands), Bill, husband, father, Jack of all Trades, a man of God.

      I was privileged to meet Grandpa Will in the year of 1994, when I married the love of my life. My husband often tells stories of the many things his Grandpa Will taught him to do around the farm. The very farm we now live on.  I look around the barns and this house I now call my own, and I see Grandpa Will's handiwork.

     As I started this wall hanging, the rooster looked as though he were giving morning praise to his Creator.  I thought the words to Grandpa Will's favorite hymn was so fitting.  Grandpa Will loved praising his Creator as he plowed the fields, tended the animals, and invented things to make farm work easier.

     Over the last few years arthritis has made it's presence known in my fingers, and so quilting by hand has become painful at best.  I have mourned the loss of this ability, but as I thought about Grandpa Will and his many projects around this farm, I realized that he left me with a challenge.  Was I going to let this difficulty stop me from creating and using the gifts my Creator gave me?  Or was I going to figure out another way to accomplish the same thing?

Grandpa Will was well known for his ability to fix anything that was broken. When something didn't work the way he thought it should, he found another way to make it work.  As I appliqued, sewed, and created this wall hanging in Grandpa Will's memory, I felt like he was challenging me to let go of the past (hand quilting) and giving me permission to embrace the new way of  "making it work" (machine quilting).   I am so thankful for the legacy Grandpa Will has left this small part of the world.

     I have decided to honor Grandpa Will's memory by selling this wall hanging at the 2015 Northern Michigan Relief Sale.  I think Grandpa Will would be pleased at the healing this project has brought me, and the healing and help the money raised will bring people in other parts of our hurting world.

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