Saturday, January 10, 2015


Every year, like many of you, I reflect on the past year, and ponder the new.  In 2014, I recognized that I was moving at a frantic pace.  Adding anything anyone asked me to do; flitting from quilt project to quilt project, trying to be wonder woman, while failing miserably.  My plate has been too full.  I know I am not alone in this, but I am only responsible for me.  I have decided that in 2015 my word is Breathe.

  • Breathe in the here and now.
  • Breathe while practicing free motion quilting on my Singer.  (I have noticed that I literally hold my breathe while concentrating on the stitching.)
  • Breathe in each morning while I take time to pause, reflect, and renew my spirit.
  • Breathe while watching my children grow up, while watching my daughter walk down the aisle in May to meet her wonderful groom, while watching my husband walk across the barn yard toward our home, while noticing the beautiful world God has given me to live in, thankful that I have been given this minute to breathe.

I have decided to join Project Quilting Season 6 , hosted by Persimon Dreams, .  The first project is inspired by trees.  And as I thought about the challenge this week, I pictured the rings on a tree.  These rings represent the years a tree has grown.

I realized that these rings also happen when something disturbs water, and ripples form on the smooth surface of a pond.

Trees cannot survived without water, the two have to live side-by-side.

And so my project formed.  Using blue batik fabric I had in my stash, I formed the ripples on "my" pond.  I then drew a leaf shape on stabilizer and fused it to tulle.  Using variegated orange thread, I thread painted the leaf and after trimming the tulle, I stitched it to my little pond.

Each morning as I use my mug rug, it will be a reminder to take time to breathe.

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