Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Bonnie Hunter - Smith Mountain Morning Workshop

I finally have time to sit down and write about my experience this weekend.  The District win by my boys in basketball, a regional game 3 hours away, and the time change on Sunday really did a number on my body.

Sunday morning I got up early and drove the 2 1/2 hours to Traverse City to attend Bonnie Hunter's Smith Mountain Morning Workshop.  If you ever have a chance to attend one of her workshops please do!  I have been sewing and quilting for about 20 years now, and I still learned so much from her.  She is a down to earth kind of gal, and makes everyone feel comfortable and unafraid to ask even the "stupid" questions.

There were 15 - 20 minute teaching sessions and then we were sent back to our machine to work on that segment of the block.  She did a fabulous job coming around the room checking to see if we had questions or problems, but didn't hover over us all the time.  I appreciated that greatly.  Nothing makes me more nervous than someone peering over my shoulder to see how I'm doing.

Silly as it was, I was a little shy about asking for a photo with Bonnie!  These are the girls I attended the workshop along with Bonnie.  Left to right:  Jean, Betty, Bonnie Hunter, myself, and Cathy

I finished these blocks during the workshop and feel confident in using the rulers and techniques Bonnie taught us.  I am anxious for Saturday to arrive so that I can sew all day long! 

And just because I'm so proud of my 6'3" and 6'5" boys, I'll leave off this post with two pics from their District win.  I love the quote, "Most people wait all their lives to meet their favorite players.  I'm raising mine."  I am also proud of the choices they are making off the court.

Trent and Tyler with Coach DeBeau

2016 District Champions!  Go Wolverines!

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