Friday, March 25, 2016


 I can just hear the conversation between this little guy and the other birds hopping about the icy branches.  "Tell me again why we decided to come back to the arctic tundra?"  Mr. Robin complains to his wife.  "Dear, the weather man said Michigan has been having above record temperatures for March."  replies Mrs. Robin.  The fat sparrow, who wintered in the free-stall barn, pipes up, "Stop complaining.  You always get to winter in Florida.  A little ice and cold never hurt anyone!"  "Yikes," they all screech as they fly away, "look out! that over exuberant puppy is coming our way!"

After hearing a fantastic crash last night, we woke to this.  Thankful it didn't land on our house.  The ice looks to be a good .25 - .5 inch thick in places.

The sun is trying to peek out and begin it's job of melting all this ice.  They are calling for 40 degrees today.  Trees should be shedding their heavy load by evening.

Love the glow of the sun on the tree tops in the distance
And the sparkle of sun on ice is really pretty outside my kitchen window.  Notice I said "outside"!  I'd rather be inside on a day like this, creating vignettes.  Liking how this looks in the corner of my dining room.

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