Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Pinwheels in the making.  112 half square triangles to create 28 pinwheels!  Chain piecing definitely makes them go quickly.  Now to assemble my pinwheels.  I have them stacked in groups of 5.  I am hoping I don't mix them up as I chain piece.  I think I'll be okay as long as I have the sing song voice in my head of "top, bottom, top, bottom" to keep me pulling squares from the correct place.  These babies will be the center of my star blocks for the Smith Mountain Morning Quilt.  I am enjoying the process of piecing even these tiny things.  When your cutting and subsequent 1/4" seam is exact, things fit nicely and there's no temptation to tug or pull to make things line up.  A little care in the preparation makes the sewing experience lovely indeed.

I pinned this finished block above my machine to remind me what I am working toward.  In the workshop last Sunday we completed two blocks from start to finish.  Now I am going to make the remaining 26 blocks assembly style.  My goal is to have a finished top by the end of April.

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