Friday, April 1, 2016

Color in Abundance

 Where to begin?  A cruise to the Bahamas!  I adored all the color I saw. Michigan is so bland right now.  The snow is gone and the brown earth is waiting for some warmth so that green growing things can spring forth. I know from experience that it will come - It always does.

We drove into Ohio before I started noticing the very pale green misting over the trees.  Then my breath caught as I saw white and pink blossoms!  What a sight for winter weary eyes.

 When I began my quilting venture 20 years ago, I was so hesitant about choosing color for my quilts.  I would always get kits and make them exactly like the pattern dictated.  

After a few years, I became bored and wanted my quilts to look different from everyone else.  But  I was certain I wasn't any good at picking out colors.  I hesitantly chose a fabric that I liked, and would then ask the quilt shop owner to help me choose other fabrics to match.  It is wise to ask other people's opinion on color choices because sometimes people will see something we don't, but please don't allow other's opinions dictate your color choices.  Choice of color is just that, a choice.  Everyone has a different preference when choosing color.  I have since become more confident in choosing color and I have learned by paying close attention to color all around me. Nature is the best teacher when it comes to color combinations, hues, and contrast.  

Notice the white blossoms.  If I were to take this picture on a gray day, the blossoms would just fade into the sky instead of standing out in contrast.

Likewise, the contrast of the blue ocean with the white/tan ship's railing make the photo more interesting than just a picture of blue water.

I find blue so calming.  This week I was surrounded by blue!  Blue water, blue deck chairs, the farmer's blue shirt!  I was fascinated by the way the hue of the water changed.  Always blue, but never the same shade at any given time.  I will leave off this post with a few more pictures of color from the islands.  Our ports of call were Nassau and Freeport.

My men, being good sports and getting their picture taken.

Notice the green and brown makes the pink pop!

Reminded me of a scrappy quilt

One of the many beautiful creations on our buffet.

Something about this house just captured my imagination.

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