Saturday, July 23, 2016


Summer has arrived in full force!  According to the weather channel, we are warmer in Michigan than some places down south!   Wheat harvest is finished and now baling straw has commenced.  We waited to unload until early this morning, and I have the privilege to be outside unloading the bales, instead of in the hot haymow!  I love the top photo. Three generations of farmers getting things set up and ready to unload. 

One of many blessings I have in my life are my in-laws.  I love to watch them enjoy each other's company, whether working or relaxing.  Dad is struggling with immense pain in his knee.  In his calm, gentle way, he continues to live life.  I have yet to hear him complain.  It  made my heart glow as I watched mom carefully place a chair for him to use while he guided the straw bales down the chute to the elevator.  He is a true farmer at heart.  After the wagon is unloaded and removed, mom always rakes the loose straw and adds it to one of the calf pens.  I had to snap my picture quickly, because she is efficient and fast!

No day is complete without something quilty going on.  Early this morning I finished sewing together these gigantic blocks for the Christmas in July Quilt Along going on over at Confessions of a Fabric Addict.   I'm having fun following this quilt along.

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